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Letter: Misplaced housing help

Regarding the story in the Aug. 4 Aspen Times “Interest light in $1 million-plus employee homes”:

RO — resident-occupied? How about really outrageous or ridiculously overboard?

To think the city of Aspen needs to subsidize anyone with a net worth over $900,000 to buy a home is a joke! And the fact that you want to raise that even higher is more of a joke. I’m sure anyone with that kind of net worth can find something in the Roaring Fork Valley. Lord knows there are plenty of Realtors willing to help!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority study this not long ago and find the need to be in other categories? But yet it continues to move forward on a project with little interest from the perspective buyers? $4.8 million to house four families seems a little steep! And you still have two more you want to build?

Just who are these fortunate people we so desperately need that we offer up this grand deal? Just how many units in other categories could we build for the same amount of money? When do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few?

And just how long will it take these units to be priced out of the resident-occupied category and land on the free market? Country Club Town Homes in Snowmass come to mind. There were a few units that went that way after the special assessment killed it for the locals.

If the housing authority is so hell-bent on helping out a few locals with that kind of net worth, it should bend over backward for a poor local such as myself. I’m thinking a studio of 450 square feet with a three-car garage. Solar would be good, too; I like to be green. Let’s keep the yard to a minimum, as well. I want to make sure that Arizona and California get their fair share of water to be green, as well. And I’ll keep working my two jobs to keep it on the up and up.

I think the City Council and the housing authority need a baby sitter on this one. Or are we just upgrading our locals to fit in with the new Aspen? RO — ridiculously overboard!

Scott Lindahl

Snowmass Village

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