Letter: Military background didn’t cause shootings

Not sure what Patrick Hunter was smoking when he fantasized the story in his July 24 Aspen Times letter (“Dischared and dangerous”). Perhaps he dreamed the scenario of a news story that his warped liberal mind would like to read. However, he should get his facts straight — the Dallas cop killer was ex-Army Reserve, and the Baton Rouge murderer was ex-Marine. The thing he failed to mention is they were both black and both expressed a desire to kill cops, preferably white cops, not because of their military background but because they felt that might make amends for the imagined mistreatment of their race, but that is a discussion for another time. And I would be willing to bet that if he researched their political affiliation, he would find they were Democrats, just like him.

Back to Hunter: He seems to share his opinion of the military with such Democratic miscreants as Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and ex-Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano. Pelosi thinks all veterans are mentally damaged, and Napolitano thinks we are right-wing extremists (she might be right).

Unfortunately for Hunter, I was allowed to come home about 49 years ago, much to his chagrin and that of the rest of the Aspen hippies. I must embody everything Hunter loves to hate in this country: ex-Marine, Vietnam vet, National Rifle Association member and gun owner. I frankly don’t know how he sleeps at night just knowing that I live in such close proximity.

So, next time the hair stands on the back of his neck and he turns and sees or not, just saying — after all, it’s his dream.

P.S.: Guess you know how I’ll be voting in November. Hillary for prison 2016.

Richard Teague