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Letter: Midvalley math

Let’s all do the math. Four hundred units at Ace Lane’s Tree Farm. One hundred eighty new residences proposed for the Scotts Mill project in Basalt. And last but not least, there’s humanitarian Keith Ehlers and his big investment firm from out of state that wants 98 homes across from Blue Lake so that teachers, firemen and police, as he puts it, can find a place to live. Keith, I’m going to personally nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize. If my math is correct, that’s 696 units under review for the midvalley. Come on, man — I know there have to be a couple of more greedy developers out there; let’s go for 1,000 new units! With the Eagle County Planning Commission, which has never seen a development it didn’t like, your chance for approval is excellent. People, don’t let these greedheads destroy our valley. Come to the Eagle County Building in El Jebel from 4 till 6 p.m. today, and voice your opinion.

Tom O’Keefe

El Jebel