Letter: Midvalley doesn’t need rec center

Midvalley doesn’t need rec center

Just say “no” to a mega expensive indoor recreation facility. Basalt has a pool, and if there is a demand, let’s make it a year-round facility (The Snowmass rec center has outdoor pools).

There is the old school building near the pool that I have taken CPR classes in (given by Colorado Mountain College). Could that be turned into a facility for some of the other desires?

It seems like the people who want to recreate indoors, or to have a place for their kids to be entertained, want all the rest of us to help them pay for it. Well, I would like someone to help pay for my ski pass! People need to pay what it costs to play and need to take responsibility for their own children. There are convenient gym facilities (that may cost a bit more to the individual) and lots of class opportunities all over the valley (some already subsidized by property tax through CMC).

The Eagle Senior Center is already very nice with classes and lunch options, and is a nice gathering place. Any facility needs to be able to charge what it costs to operate, and not ask the property owners to make up the difference, so the rec center would need to charge a lot!

The land at Crown Mountain is already being used as a park and beautiful open space. Don’t add congestion, lots of traffic, lights and everything else that comes with major development!

Let’s look at other, more economically feasible options to have indoor recreation in the midvalley. Vote no on 4C & 4D.

Denise Handrich

Old Snowmass

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