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Letter: Mid Valley Profit Center?

There are a couple of other items to consider when making a decision for voting against the rec center.

When I attended the earlier meetings for Crown Mountain, I remember it came up during the conversation that Crown Mountain was going to go around and check what facilities and services were available at the fitness center that would be impacted by the rec center.

At that time, Crown Mountain’s intent was not to duplicate the existing services and facilities. When Crown Mountain presented its options at the rec center, it was very obvious that these existing services and facilities were going to be duplicated. The existing fitness centers were certainly going to be impacted financially by Crown Mountain.

Please consider this aspect about the rec center: This is about business. No entity with a good business plan would proceed without looking at the bottom line. Crown Mountain is not going ahead with this endeavor without the understanding that there is going to be a profit.

It appears that the out-of-pocket expenses might be just utilities, insurance and payroll. If Crown Mountain gets its way, everything else is going to be covered by the increased mill levies.

Do we really want to take this on for Crown Mountain by voting “yes” on increased mill levies?

Please vote “no” on 4C and 4D.

Helen Yanaki

El Jebel