Letter: Mick Ireland and the art of the deal

Soon we have to apologize to Mick Ireland. The new Aspen Art Museum is amazing-looking from the outside. I can’t wait to go inside on Saturday.

I love it and love it!

The brown-color weaving like a basket is absolutely beautiful to me — real art. This gorgeous building will command and bring lots of famous artists to it. It will be hard in the future to compete with all of the art makers to have their art in the displays. I drove around with my husband, Bob, and this building stands as an art building, not like an ordinary building. Fantastic gift to Aspen. We will be more famous and proud of our town. To the young generation, you are very lucky to have this building of art at your reach.

Love Mick Ireland. His vision along with all the others who sent Aspen to art heaven. Thank you to all of you involved to make it happen. I salute all of you.

Georgette Vhrin