Letter: Medical inspiration

When I was 15, I injured my knee at a weekend ski race. First thing Monday morning, I limped into Dr. von Stade’s office at the Aspen Orthopaedic Associates. Five years and four surgeries later, I am aspiring to go on to medical school. The amazing hospitality, support and patience that was shown to me by the hospital community changed my life — I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks. I had a chance to see some of what goes on behind the scenes at Aspen Valley Hospital this summer, and the level of expertise, compassion and professionalism has forever impacted how I will look at medicine. So, to all of you whose path I have crossed as a “shadow” and a patient, thank you for your care to me personally and for the incredible educational experience. As for Dr. von Stade, I carry your business card so that when I study I can look at it and remember that all the work I’m doing is to someday be like you.

Ilona Schwarz