Letter: McQueeney for Eagle County commissioner

I am writing in support of Jeanne McQueeney for Eagle County commissioner. Jeanne has been a passionate leader in our community. Her long-term focus and commitment to education for early childhood, youth and adults have made a great and lasting impact on children, students, individuals and working families in our valley.

I have known and learned from Jeanne’s leadership skills for several years and collaborated directly with her for the past two years through the Family Leadership Training Institute program, which she brought to Eagle County. Thanks to her dedication and vision, many community members have acquired the skills to become leaders and guide others toward success.

Furthermore, as the executive director of Early Childhood Partners, Jeanne has given hundreds of parents the tools to raise their families and thrive in our valley, and as a member of the Board of Education for the Eagle County School District, she is well aware of the challenges our schools, students and community are facing, and she takes action in areas with the most need. Jeanne is not afraid to step into any role necessary to improve every aspect of our community.

Aside from being a natural leader, she has been the bridge that connects families with resources and professionals with higher-education opportunities or projects, and she is a direct link between our county’s local politics and the state’s. As a public servant, she knows how to listen to people’s concerns and is ready to provide support, guidance and advice while taking into consideration basic factors such as cultural background, values and ideals.

It has been a pleasure to work directly with Jeanne for the past couple of years, and I look forward to her leadership and vision as county commissioner.

Monica Villalobos-Russell

District translator and interpreter for the Eagle County School District