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Letter: McLain Flats traffic is dangerous

I used to laugh when I read Mead Metcalf’s letters to the editor complaining about the excessive traffic on McLain Flats Road, but now that we are living on the road, I am not laughing anymore. Depending on the time of day, the traffic into Aspen early and leaving Aspen in the afternoon is excessive and dangerous. Commuters into Aspen are turning off Highway 82 at Smith’s Way and trying to save a minute by speeding down McLain Flats Road. They pass in no-passing zones, ignore construction vehicles turning into varied lanes off the road and are down right dangerous.

The dangers are vastly increased by bikers using the road rather than their dedicated Rio Grande Trail. Drivers cross into oncoming traffic to pass these bikers and impose a danger to both themselves, oncoming traffic and the bikers they speed up to pass.

These hazards are vastly increased for us when my wife tries to pull her horse trailer out of our lane onto the road and slowly accelerates to the allowed road speed.

Then, too, the drivers looking at the elk herds aside the road, slowing down, taking pictures, gabbing on their cellphones or heading out of the Woody Creek Tavern after a few drinks add to the multitude of dangers.

What about having the Sheriff’s Office patrol the road and also create a limited use, multi-passenger requirement for the road as we have on Highway 82 at certain hours of the day?

I do not intend to be the harbinger of doom, but does it take a serious accident to get the bikers to use the Rio Grande Trail, and motorists to stay on Highway 82 or slow down on McLain Flats Road?

Charles B. Israel