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Letter: Maurice for mayor

Maurice for mayor

Dear Editor:

I recently wrote in support of Dwayne Romero’s candidacy for City Council and would similarly like to take this opportunity to express my support for Maurice Emmer as the next mayor of Aspen. During the past couple of years I’ve become personally acquainted with Maurice and have had the opportunity and pleasure of working closely with him in our capacities as board members and officers of Aspen Film.

In addition to his strong and active interest in our community’s arts and cultural programs, Maurice has brought a wealth of pro-active and practical business knowledge, experience and talent to our organization, which was critically needed during the significant economic downturn that we’re just beginning to emerge from. Many others have stated their positive views of his sound and practical business approach to problem solving and team building and to those voices, I wish to add my own after having worked with him closely during some very difficult and trying times.

Maurice has evidenced true leadership ability during a relatively short period of time in our community, but he didn’t just wake up a good leader. He worked hard and evolved as one through the many years of his long and successful career during which he utilized and honed his leadership skills, now all to the benefit of Aspen if he’s chosen as its next mayor.

From my personal experience I can attest to that fact that he is both a collegial participant and a consensus builder, and as too often been the case in Aspen in recent years, he will not run roughshod over his colleagues and members of the public. He is a respectful and attentive listener who attempts to arrive at solutions to difficult problems after thoroughly exploring all sides of an issue.

It’s time for a new leadership approach in the office of Aspen’s mayor and Maurice is the man that’ll get the job done in the most community-sensitive manner possible while achieving a much-needed and desired balance between improving the city’s economic vitality and maintaining the quality lifestyle we aspire to in this community as well as the entire upper Roaring Fork Valley community.

Please cast your vote for Maurice Emmer as Aspen’s mayor.

Mel D. Blumenthal

Snowmass Village and Santa Monica, Calif.

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