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Letter: Maurice Emmer is no intellectual lightweight

In his Jan. 21 letter, Sean Elias refers to Maurice Emmer as an intellectual lightweight (“Obligated to respond,” The Aspen Times, Commentary). I know Maurice, and I dare say he is no lightweight. I say the following to Elias:

Upon reading your long-in-the-tooth diatribe concerning your issues with Israel, I feel bewilderment for your incorrect ideological views that depict Israel as a bad oppressive country.

I can cite many well-documented facts that refute your beliefs, but I know no matter what I say, you’ll disagree because that’s what individuals like you do!

Jew-hate is epidemic, and the weakest among us succumb to its evil because it’s a very easy hatred to express. It makes you, Elias, look lame and ideologically disabled.

If you are the intellectual you claim, thought and cognition have everything to do with your comprehension, so please pay close attention.

Israel challenges world peace? Really? And it oppresses the Palestinians, terrorist thugs who cannot under any circumstances manage to run a state if they had one? They’ve been offered ample opportunities to do it. It seems the Palestinians are too busy building tunnels, using hospitals and schools (with women and children in harm’s way) as fronts for their rocket launchers.

They’re all about hate and misery.

Challenges to world peace. Let’s examine a few: Iran is going nuclear. That might be construed as antithetical to world peace. Ya think, Elias?

Then there’s Syria — killed 200,000 of its own people backed by those damn Iranians again. And the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, should we count the ways it obstructs world peace and kills innocents?

There’s also Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Hamas and more, but I don’t want you to go into evil-sensory overload, Elias.

But hey, you need to focus on the Israeli threat — a Democratic diamond in the Middle East rough in which Arab Israelis are happy to live. In fact they thrive. Homosexuals, too.

Women are free to forge careers and have families they love because they love life. Imagine a place that honors human dignity and integrity.

The Palestinians hate life. They prefer death, destruction and misery. And they unforgivably strap suicide vests onto their young kids. They encourage their children to do that and honor their families when they do. You think there’s a tinge of disfunctionality here? Their inability to thrive is what oppresses me and Israel. Their profound failure is embarrassing.

And you too embarrass me because I don’t want to take the time to disagree with your perspective, which is predicated on bias and hate.

You notice I’ve hardly insulted you, though I’d like to. Don’t pick on Emmer. I respect him because I know him.

Let’s put this to bed and be adults. I’m done. Now, kindly go away.

Elaine Sandler


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