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Letter: Marshmallow revolt

I’ve been reading several of the letters to the editors in both papers, and I figure that 75 percent of them are negative or complaints. I’d say that 5 percent are announcements, 10 percent are thank-you or “great person” notes, and the remainder are Emzy Veazy’s. So I said to myself, “I got some complaining to do,” but what do you complain about in this town?

Well, yesterday it hit me. I was skiing with my buddies, and we stopped at the Sundeck for a little picnic on the deck on a beautiful day. One of my friends went inside to get some hot chocolate, and when he came back he told us that the Sundeck was no longer serving marshmallows with hot chocolate. We were stunned. He did find a nice lady who worked there, and she had a stash of marshmallows, and she hooked him up. I decided to go in and get me some. I poured myself some hot chocolate and asked for marshmallows, and I was greeted with, “No, never.” This angry little man looked at me with contempt and a willingness to strike down anyone who asks again for the M-word. I proceeded cautiously and placed the hot chocolate on the counter and walked away.

“What the Casaba is going around here?” I asked myself. What would drive the Sundeck to ban marshmallows? Was it some massive food fight with marshmallows as the ammunition, or was it some horrible kitchen accident with molten marshmallows terribly disfiguring an employee?

Then I wondered if it was an Aspen Skiing Co. thing, a company boycott of marshmallows. Maybe it’s an environmental issue in the manufacture of marshmallows. Then I remembered my wife and I went to the Little Nell Hotel for Valentine’s Day and ordered hot chocolate, which by the way is the best hot chocolate ever. Homemade marshmallows — do I need to say more? So I guess it’s not a company thing. Now the Sundeck charges $4 for hot chocolate (without marshmallows) and the Little Nell charges $12 (with), so I deduce that a homemade marshmallow (and whipped cream) is worth $8. Wow, but I digress.

So what is up with the Sundeck? Serving hot chocolate without marshmallows for $4 is — is — un-American; heck, it’s un-Swiss. Somebody call the Swiss ambassador.

Remember that commercial? “Swiss Miss instant coco with mini — ” See, it doesn’t work. Bring back the marshmallows, Sundeck.

James H. Perry


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