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Letter: Marolt missed like a sock in the shoe

Marolt missed like a sock in the shoe

To Roger Marolt, regarding his “Chain of Fools” column that ran Oct. 25 in The Aspen Times: Our first thought as we respond to our former partner in the chain gang is that we don’t want to write something stupid, and then we realized that to respond to Roger’s column does not have to make any more sense than most of his columns!

Yes, we carried on in fine tradition of the chain gang last Friday as the Aspen Skiers beat Basalt in the final home game of the season. We want you all to take note that we did not get a replacement for Roger.

At the pregame meeting at the Hickory House, it was determined that indeed a monkey could replace Roger and realizing that time was short to find that monkey, we decided to pass and carry on without him. Roger was missed, sort of like missing that rock in your shoe.

Another fine season of Friday regular season football has passed and you can, like us, hope we get a home game in the playoffs. In the meantime, we will carry on without the constant whining from another Aspen tradition, the Marolt family.

One more thing, Roger: It’s clear to us that your injury is probably more serious than you make it out to be. We wish you well in your recovery, and in the meantime, Tim has set up a meeting with the chess club. You won’t be the smartest guy there either, but it will be safer.

Get well!

Greg Gerbaz, Tim Fortier, Bill Moriarty and Ken Johnson

The Chain Gang

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