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Letter: Marolt is right for the wrong reasons

With reference to Roger Marolt’s opinion piece in the Dec. 27 issue of The Aspen Times entitled “Scared stiff of the Affordable Care Act,” I was delighted to learn that your brave, but poorly informed columnist has decided to leave the Democratic/Socialist party, but, sadly, for the wrong reason.

He has based his decision to jump ship because under the Affordable Care Act,insurance will have to cover the cost of family planning and contraception which, as an apparently devout Catholic, offends him greatly. This is rather telling, as an educated individual unencumbered with religious dogma would recognize this provision as perhaps the only worthwhile provision of this poorly crafted and unaffordable law.

Religion finds fertile ground wherever illiteracy and ignorance prevails, and nowhere is this truth more evident than in the Catholic and Islamic faiths whose tenets continue to support male dominance, deny women their rights and contribute vast numbers of uneducated, impoverished and often very angry human beings to an already greatly over-populated planet with likely devastating consequence for all living creatures.

Marolt, though apparently not illiterate, would do himself a very big favor by no longer displaying his ignorance about the damage some of the so-called and greatly outdated organized religions are doing to the human condition.

Peter Bergh


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