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Letter: Many unanswered questions about Uber

An article in the Nov. 11 Aspen Times (“Uber expands on mountain efforts, eyes Aspen next”) advises us that Uber, the alternate taxi service, is coming to town. While this may be a great idea in some people’s minds, if you look at this service in depth, you will find a lot of unanswered questions. Who will police the Uber drivers to make sure that they have a business license? Since the drivers are not “commercial operators,” they will not have the required medical exam every two years. This keeps the customer from being in a car driven by a person who may have a severe medical problem like a heart attack or a seizure while you are in the car.

The Uber drivers are not trained commercial operators who know how to avoid problems encountered while being driven to various points in Colorado during inclement weather. Just imagine your family being driven to Denver by some Uber driver who just bought a minivan and he takes his van off Vail Pass into a deep ravine during a white out. And I took a family to Denver last year in the commercial vehicle that I drive and the customer told me that he was charged the same rate that the Aspen commercial company charges. The high-mileage minivan had bald tires and barely could make it up Vail Pass. Then will the Uber driver’s insurance be proper coverage to cover costs if he has a problem? Does Uber have insurance requirements or are the car owners required to have only Colorado minimum insurance ($50,000 property coverage, $100,000 to $300,000 total liability)? That might pay for your X-rays if he has a wreck. Case in point: Don’t trip over dollars while picking up dimes. Take a Public Utilities Commission-licensed transportation company and get there safely. One more item, while the Uber executives claim there were no Uber drivers in the Aspen area last year, I encountered three of them working quite often.

Jim Wingers


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