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Letter: Many reasons against rec center

Many reasons against rec center

Bonnie Scott responded to what I had hoped was my final attempt to clarify the cost of Crown Mountain’s proposed taxes with more bad math (“Midvalley rec center a good deal, letters, Oct. 24, The Aspen Times.

Bonnie says that she is currently paying a little less than 2.3 mills on her property and that the new tax would add another 7.5 mills for a total of about 9.8 mills. We are on the same page so far.

My understanding of math is that 9.8 mills is 4.26 times the current rate. Thus, one can look on their current tax bill for the Crown Mountain tax and multiply the number by 4.26 to figure their proposed Crown Mountain cost. That amount would be adjusted every two years based on changing values.

Using Bonnie’s example of her paying $130 currently, her proposed cost would be $554 per year rather than the $330 she quoted in her letter. It is fine to support the recreation center but let’s at least use the same math.

As for her assertions about the size of the facility, the seven acres of park required to accomplish this 60,000 square foot proposal would include a new multi-million dollar road system that would bring all of the area traffic into the heart of the park. For me, sending City Market traffic, area subdivision traffic, and park user traffic into the park area where people currently walk their dogs, teach their children to ride a bike, and enjoy a walk is a reason to vote no.

The existing ballfields, tennis courts, walking trails and other amenities are a nice complement to the area and provide outdoor opportunities to exercise and play. It would be great to see the natural amenities of the park further enhanced as a way forward rather than covering them with pavement and buildings. That is why I am voting “no” on 4C and 4D.

Robert Schultz


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