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Letter: Managing Gaza

How sad. More than 1,800 Palestinians in Gaza killed and 2,000 children. How sad. Israel will nail a tack with a sledgehammer. Here is what most Jews won’t talk about. Israel lives in the shadow of the Holocaust and 1,500 years of persecution.

However, as a Jew, I see no justification for the shelling of schools and other non-military targets. Yes, 2.800 rockets have been fired to date. But, they are crude and hove no guidance system. It’s like throwing a rock.

Hamas wants the Israeli blockade modified to permit food and other humanitarian goods to come in. Israel says “no” because weapons and rockets also will be smuggled.

I suggest an international group be formed to supervise and inspect all goods going into Gaza with American and Israeli participation.

If that fails, then they should go back to war. How sad.

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village