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Letter: Making the grade

I feel and believe that Garfield County and its municipalities are moving into a mightier leadership position in the Colorado tourism, food and restaurant industries, especially among resort and rural communities, with the advent of “County takes over food inspections” (Glenwood Springs Post Independent, July 22).

The whole of Garfield County can and will command and attract more consumer dollars, nationwide headlines and more Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank recognition than an uncaring Aspen and Pitkin County when it comes to environmental health vis-a-vis instituting restaurant and market grade systems. It can enact public posting requirements for all retail sellers of foods and beverages within its unincorporated county areas and adopting municipalities like what happened in Los Angeles County in the latter 1990s.

For public notice and awareness, a letter grade or numeric score card would be issued and placed at the front entrance of these food eateries and venues, including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, bars, bakeries and any store or place selling eats and beverages.

The official inspection report would be on hand at each venue for the public to inspect upon request.

Since 2003, I proposed that public grade letters on all Aspen food facilities be enacted. All are deaf ears to it, but they’ll use Los Angeles County’s and New York City’s food-facilities grade postings to decide where they’ll eat and spend their money when visiting said destinations.

Get the food and restaurant bucks rolling into Garfield County like a tidal wave!

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen