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Letter: Make education reflect the valley

We live in one of the most extraordinary places in the world. We have access to spectacular mountains and rivers with world-class skiing, cycling, fishing and a slew of other outdoor activities. We also have access to world-class music, dance, theater, literary programs, cuisine, visual arts and more.

Isn’t it time we had access to world-class schools, too? Shouldn’t this valley attract and keep the best and brightest teachers the way it does athletes, musicians, artists, dancers, intellects and chefs?

Ballot initiative 3B would go a long way toward making the Roaring Fork School District an outstanding district that attracts families and students, much like this valley as a whole. Funds from 3B would alleviate overcrowding, create high-quality learning spaces and help to keep trained teachers from leaving due to the high cost of living.

Let’s make these investments and bring the Roaring Fork School District to a level that truly reflects the potential of this valley and our children. Please join me in voting “yes” on 3B.

Kimi Mischke