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Letter: Make Aspen great again

I am heartened to see columnist Andy Stone joining the legions of hidden Donald Trump supporters.

If he himself is perplexed to hear this, then he didn’t read his own column about the steady loss of “Aspen’s carrying capacity” and the degradation of Aspen itself (“Part of the solution? You’re still part of the problem,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, Aug. 2.)

Here, try this. Every time Stone uses the word “Aspen,” substitute “America,” as in the following sentence:

“The community of Aspen (America) is not obligated to destroy itself in order to provide jobs for construction workers in Rifle and Silt.” (Of course, for Rifle and Silt you should substitute Mexico and China.)

See how this works? Again:

“Sooner or later we are going to have to slam the door shut or Aspen will no longer be Aspen.”

Wow, what a xenophobe this Andy Stone is! What a nativist!

If we don’t protect our fair city, Stone adds, “It will no longer be an Aspen that anyone will love.”

Did he just say, “adios, Aspen”? He might want to be a little careful about plagiarizing Ann Coulter.

Anyway, it looks as though Aspen may have one more secret, closet Trump voter come November. Andy Stone is not afraid to defend an ideal.

Chad Klinger