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Letter: Luis Valdes Sunland, Calif.


The Constitution is sacred

Dear Editor:

We need more journalists like Charlie Leonard to keep reminding all Americans of the Constitution regardless of the many ways in which it would “make sense” to abolish it.

What preceded our Constitution were thousands of years of slavery for the populations of Earth. Our independence and our Constitution created the republic, which is the space to live free. It is not a matter of polls or public opinion, which may change constantly, that made this country great but the fights and well-articulated laws that our Founding Fathers gave us.

In a population with bad education, high consumption of drugs and an excessive emphasis on entertainment, among other things, the understanding of the Constitution can be watered down to a point where we slide back toward slavery. Let’s keep alert and remind the rest of the gifts that we were given in order to preserve them.

Luis Valdes

Sunland, Calif.