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Letter: Losing our freedom

If a people and a country do not get their politics right, people suffer. North Korea, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan and Libya are extremes, Russia and China less so at the moment. People in our much-loved country have suffered and are suffering. We are not getting our politics “right.” The statistically unreported, uncounted unemployed; the underemployed; the millions who are quasi-illiterate; the millions of children who grow up in poverty and fatherless homes; a flattened and declining income for the middle class; corporations fleeing overseas to avoid the highest corporate tax rate in the Western world — on and on. All this and more have their roots in politics and political ideas. We have centuries of proof that highly centralized governments, centers of power, always harm the people. Power corrupts.

People are not angels. As there are no perfect people, there will never be a “perfect system of government.” The least oppressive system, which has been most successful in history, is the U.S. Constitution, a republic form of government. It is messy, it is often slow and cumbersome, but it has kept tyranny at bay, as the Constitution was specifically designed to “chain up the government” by separating areas of power; this system was meant to balance and to specifically constrain. Up until 1913, most understood and supported that the power was to be retained by the people and the states, with the national government confined to specific arenas of necessity. The erosion to this great and unique document has been a constant; presently the erosion has become a flood. Our Constitution, of which vast numbers of the voting public have no clue and no education and thus which they have no interest in protecting, is what has made this nation great. Many countries in the world have vast resources. Many countries have hardworking people but remain enslaved to a central, all-knowing, all-providing government under the control of the elite few who live well while the vast majority do not. We need to examine our closely held beliefs and our political emotions. What beliefs and ideas have really led to the betterment of all? What political beliefs and ideas have led to the betterment of the few? What political economic ideas float all boats? What economic, political beliefs consolidate power and prosperity with the few? It is not what leaders say but the results. The actual facts and statistics would shock many closely held political belief systems if rationally examined. Many closely held political beliefs are emotional, not based on facts and results. As Americans we need to “wake up” and do an “about face.” We are losing that which is most precious to each of us — freedom.

Camilla Sparlin


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