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Letter: Looking for info

Welcome to the Land of 10,000 Lakes! I’m writing to request a favor from your readers. In a college course I’m taking to become a teacher, my professor has assigned us a project to learn about a town in the United States. She’s requiring that we do this without the use of technology; rather, she wants us to learn from the lived experiences of the people who know and love the town.

Since I go to school in Minnesota and can’t visit personally, would you be willing to print my letter in your paper so that your readers could write to me? I would really appreciate hearing from them. I chose Aspen simply because of the beauty of nature this town is known for. I played in a softball tournament in Colorado a few years ago and fell in love with the state, especially the mountains!

I’d love to learn about the weather, mountains, popular recipes, dining and life living by the mountains in such a compelling small town! How is the air in the town? Is there a specific smell that you take in? What are the primary jobs in the area? Where is the nearest hospital? Is the health care field popular? I am also curious as to how the population has changed over the years. Where is the nearest shopping mall and entertainment site? I would also like to know about the school systems and hear back from teachers and their students! What can I learn about Aspen that cannot be found on Google? Feel free to give me any information that you find interesting and intriguing about Aspen!

I hope that you will find this as fun as I do! Can’t wait to hear back from you!

Morgan Schwarz

Le Sueur, Minnesota