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Letter: Looking at it from the other side

The column “The Western Wall” (The Aspen Times, Commentary, July 6) gives only the Jewish side without mentioning that about 700,000 indigenous Palestinians people were violently expelled from historic Palestine (now Israel) in 1948. They never have been allowed to return or have been compensated for their lost homes and property.

Many more Palestinians were massacred and their villages destroyed by the Jews. The reason Arab countries attached in 1948 was because they thought it was unfair to the indigenous Palestinians that the United Nations was giving about 53 percent of historic Palestine to mostly European Jews. Following the 1948 war, the Jews got 77 percent of historic Palestine for their new state.

In 1967, Israel preemptively attacked Egypt starting the Six Day War. Since then, Israel has militarily occupied the West Bank and the Golan Heights and controls East Jerusalem. It has demolished Palestinian homes, stolen their land and water, imprisoned and killed many and made their lives miserable. Israel has built Jewish-only housing and settlements on stolen land in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem and moved more than 500,000 Jews into them. This is a violation of the Geneva Conventions for an occupying power to move its people into occupied territory. According to the column, Palestinians are terrorists for objecting.

Next time Glenn Beaton visits Israel, he might go with Interfaith Peace Builders and get to see the West Bank and Gaza and hear both sides of the issue. Two books to consider reading are, “Contested Land, Contested Memory” by Jo Roberts, and “Letters from Palestine” by Kenneth Ring.

Cathleen Krahe