Letter: Look in the mirror, liberals

Look in the mirror, liberals

I have held my tongue for way too long and put up with the verbal discharge from the likes of Carl Heck and others regarding their disdain for previous presidents — all while symbolically massaging the nether regions of the current idiot at the helm.

Wake up, Carl and the like! This joke of a president is easily the most unqualified, classless, dangerous and straight-up dishonest in decades. Every time you submit your drivel for the masses, you expose your ignorance to all. It takes some real stones for an Obama supporter to criticize anyone for anything!

This administration — across the board — will undoubtedly go down as one of the worst in history. It gets nauseating hearing comments about disrespecting the office of the president just for questioning this idiot’s decisions and ignorance when the most significant disrespect to the office has been brought on by Obama himself. Transparency, my arse — not only can you not locate a smidgon of it from these unconscionable liberals … they resign, hide, deny, stonewall, plead the Fifth and on and on. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Sebelius, Lerner reads like a self-righteous human nightmare to this nation and our democracy.

Because of this spineless community organizer, dumb party and current crew, we are no longer admired, respected or feared, but rather laughed at around the globe. Congratulations for setting this country back decades, libtards.

Steve Hansen

Snowmass Village