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Letter: Look in the mirror, Aspen

Look in the mirror, Aspen

As what I once believed to be the epitome of an idealistic, humanistic and “evolved” community, Aspen’s own Snowmass Village has proven to be an embarrassment to its better informed, educated and appreciative habitants. It’s barbaric and ignorant enough that we still condone the selling of fur in our “new age” little Camelot (Aspen). The exploitation of animals for their skin or fur, and the “farming” of fur and leather is passé, antiquated and taboo in most hip, transcendental cultures. Worse, we neglect to abolish the ridiculous little mouse of a man who finds no remorse in the cruel treatment of domesticated animals. Is this the sad truth of who we really are as a community?

Dan MacEachen, the legendary musher of Krabloonik, has been abusing animals for decades. How was this person ever allowed near another dog, after he was charged with animal cruelty in 1988?

I was ashamed and sickened by the facts revealed recently in both Aspen papers, as well as the recent write up in

the Sunday Denver Post (Dec. 8). I am one of those who, several years ago, trusted the Snowmass’ government and community leaders to change things up at Krabloonik. I am outraged at the hypocrisy of our community, and ashamed of my own hypocrisy in succumbing to the mighty powers that be ($$$), instead of doing what I know is right.

Oh, Aspen … our magical little bubble of intelligent, highly sophisticated, dog-loving and “self-actualized” beings — we really are actually a little crock of snobbery poo.

Wendy Nanon Smith


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