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Letter: Look carefully at Maroon Creek Valley proposal

We are writing in regards to the current pending land-use application being submitted by Celestial LLC for development of a lot within the Maroon Creek Valley. The proposal requests permission to use transferable development rights to build a 13,250 square-foot structure on a 35-acre lot with a 3-acre building envelope that is compromised by two avalanche paths and an alluvial fan.

We have serious concerns because of the size of the home as well as the significant environmental risks. This application should be of concern to not only residents of the Maroon Creek Valley but to residents of the Roaring Fork Valley who value the corridor that provides entrance to the Maroon Bells and the Snowmass Maroon Bells Wilderness Area.

A home of this size on a compromised piece of property is a precedent-setting event. The majority of the homes in the Maroon Creek Valley are closer to 5,000 square feet. The recent approval of a 15,000 square-foot home including the caretaker unit is not comparable to this application in that it is located on 180 acres and actually served to preserve large amounts of acreage from any further development.

Many residents in the Maroon Creek Valley have made consistent efforts throughout the years to preserve the unique quality of this much used public corridor to a recreational wilderness area. Developments, such as the one proposed by Celestial, can permanently change the nature of this rural area.

The application has been pending for a number of years, which included it’s denial at one point. It has been a long and complicated process. It would be in the best interests of the future of the Maroon Creek Valley for all Roaring Fork Valley residents to take a careful look at this application, which is to be decided by the county commissioners today at a public hearing at 9 a.m. This is a singular decision that could have permanent effects on our entire valley.

Donna and Tom Ward


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