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Letter: Longtime Buddies

This letter was originally written from a Big Buddy to her Little Buddy — they have been matched for two years in the Buddy Program. Call 970-920-2130 to see how you can get involved as a mentor in our valley:

“Isa — I remember the first day we met. I actually have the photo at my desk at work and look at it often. You look so young! To think that was 21/2 years ago is crazy. I can’t believe that I have known you that long!

“In the 21/2 years that I’ve gotten to know you better, I have seen you grow up and achieve some amazing things. I was most proud of you when I came to your dance class at school when you performed on the stage in the auditorium. I had no idea that you were so talented. Then, my expectations were blown away again when I came to your Folklorico recital in Aspen. I was incredibly proud to be your Buddy that day! You show such dedication, strength and discipline with dancing, and I know how much you love it — because I can see it on your face.

“Being your mentor means a lot to me. I look forward to coming to see you every week and hearing about what’s going on with you. Being your mentor helps me be a better person and learn to look out for others, teach others and show you things that I hope will make you the best person you can be.

“I know that times can get tough, but please know that I am here for you. I am always here for you because not only am I your Big Buddy — I am your friend. I am your friend that cares a lot about you. I hope you always remember that because your friendship means a lot to me and gives me a lot of happiness.

“I look forward to what the future holds for you, Isa. I know you will do something great and continue to grow into the great person that you are.

“Your Buddy, Alex”

Laura Crow


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