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Letter: Loans for the environment

In a recent letter, I promised an explanation of how new and existing carbon emissions can be addressed at no cost (“Act locally on global warming,” The Aspen Times, Jan. 26). With interest rates at an all-time low, local, state and the federal government can issue tax-exempt bonds to loan to existing property owners the money needed for retrofitting to reduce electric and gas consumption. The loan payback will be the cost of the gas and electric that is saved. The loans can be secured by a mortgage or added to the tax bill. But a zero-sum event.

The investment and benefit is immediate. Who would not like this? The gas and electric companies and the fossil-fuel producers — coal, oil and gas — would not like this.

The reality is change is on the way. Fossil fuels can be replaced with renewable energy. That big “fireball” in space called the sun is there to help save the planet. We will get thank-you notes from future healthy generations.

As for new buildings — no furnaces. The Rocky Mountain Institute has blazed a new trail with its Basalt building. Easily reproduced. Just ask the institute.

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village