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Letter: Limit traffic, don’t enable more

Solving the traffic problem is not about growth or no growth or even about accommodating the current vehicle demand. And we’re not getting anywhere trying to make the commute so miserable that people will finally give up their cars for the bus.

We can solve the traffic and congestion crisis in Aspen immediately by limiting the number of cars and trucks that enter Aspen via an open-road tolling system such as I-Pass or EZ Pass whereby users drive straight through the toll plaza, passing under transponder antennas at normal speeds.

It could work something like this: Any vehicle past the intercept lot would require a pass. Aspen residents would get a free pass, visitors would buy a day pass or be directed to park-and-ride at the Intercept lot, construction and service vehicles and would get purpose-specific passes, and we could use the revenue from the passes for new developments such as finally building a light-rail system

Solving the traffic crisis is about reducing the number of cars, not accommodating increased traffic flow. Reducing the number of cars can only be done via public policy and creative community leadership.

Matthew Monaghan


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