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Letter: Lies and deceit by Krabloonik foes

Lies and deceit by Krabloonik foes

After reading Bill Fabrocini’s most recent guest column questioning Mayor Boineau’s integrity, claiming he had a conflict of interest and asking him to recuse himself I had to laugh “Step aside, Mayor Boineau,” guest commentary, Dec. 28, The Aspen Times).

If there is anyone who should recuse himself, it’s Fabrocini. Fabrocini thought that no one would learn of his conspiracy together with Guy Courtney, Leigh Vogel, two veterinarians, an ex-kennel manager and others to undermine the Krabloonik operation for one purpose, to steal the business from Dan MacEachen.

Don’t try and deny it Bill, the emails document your involvement and for one purpose, to back Courtney and line your pockets. What you hadn’t counted on was the recovery of the emails that Courtney attempted to destroy to cover your and his involvement as well as, the involvement of the other coconspirators.

So if there was ever a conflict of interest, you are guilty. Not withstanding your involvement, you continue to write guest columns now disparaging the good mayor of Snowmass. You are an absolute joke.

There is a similar story in the Bible regarding Jesus and Judas. While Judas sold out Jesus for pieces of silver resulting in his crucifixion, you have attempted to line your pockets by attempting to crucify Dan MacEachen in the press, in particular The Aspen Times. It is not about the dogs; it has always been about personal and financial gain.

Given Vogel’s involvement and (Aspen Daily News columnist) Doug Allen’s false statements and an undeniable breach of the Journalist’s Code of Ethics by becoming directly involved in a “National crusade to destroy Krabloonik,” including rallies and pickets, one has to question whether editor Rick Carroll is asleep at the helm.

But then again maybe, just maybe he just woke up and recognized the repeated breach of the Journalist’s Code of Ethics by putting Vogel on administrative leave. He should fire her and Allen should be fired also for his blatant violation of the Code of Ethics, knowingly publishing false statements to further his cause and requesting a rally at the end of one of his columns to further Voices of Krabloonik’s deceit, and I might add using statements and questions prepared by Voices then publishing them as if he wrote the column. You didn’t fool anyone, Allen. You are not bright enough.

I have a message for the good mayor of Snowmass. Don’t be intimidated by the lies, deceit and threats. Stand your ground, especially against Fabrocini. The vast majority of Snowmass people support you and recognize the outright lies and deceitful actions of Courtney and Voices.

In the end, when all the emails are revealed and the public sees first-hand the lies and deceit, I have no doubt Voices and everyone that speaks for them will be persona non grata.

Mary Lou MacEachen Wasco

Doylestown, Pa.

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