Letter: Letter-writer should heed own advice

Letter-writer should heed own advice

Dear Editor:

I totally agree with T.J. Krest. One needs to “look it up.” (“Read something other than Fox News,” letters, May 10, The Aspen Times.)

After Krest got his or her information from the Daily Kos, Mr./Ms. Krest failed to look it up. The vast majority of 54 attacks that Krest cites took place in Iraq during the war. In addition, the reason there were only three hearings was that there was no attempt to hide the truth.

The State Department and administration at that time did not change CIA talking points to reflect a political agenda, did not make up a story about the cause (and actually lie directly to the families of the fallen), refuse to send aid during the terrorist attack and try to cover it all up.

In addition, they did not fail to supply increased security when actually begged for, after an attack at the consulate the month before. That is exactly what happened at Benghazi. Look it up!!

Instead of listening to what partisan websites wrote, one only had to listen to the actual hearings to realize what a failure of leadership this really was.

If you listened to Mr. Hicks testify with an open mind, even Krest would see things differently. One no longer has to just watch Fox to follow the story but can read the recent reports from ABC news. Even that organization now sees that what happened there needs to be uncovered.

As for the account that Republicans voted for decreases in the budget, that is true, but when Charlene Lamb, the State Department assistant secretary for International Programs, was asked during the hearings (October 2012) if the failure to provide the requested security was due to budgetary considerations she answered simply, “No, sir.”

Again, look it up.

No matter what side of the political aisle you are on, the government needs to be held accountable. Mrs. Clinton may not understand that Benghazi is important, but thankfully many of us do.

I will continue to follow Krest’s advice and look it up. I only wish he/she took their own advice.

Adam Beckerman

Snowmass Village and Muttontown, N.Y.