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Letter: Letter lacked facts

Letter lacked facts

Mr. Schneider’s letter stating that the photo of a dog in a recent Voices for Krabloonik Dogs ad “was not a picture of a Krabloonik dog” is, sadly, incorrect (“A shameful display of piling on Krabloonik,” letters, Jan. 7, The Aspen Times).

The photo is in fact a Krabloonik dog and was taken on-site by a local photographer. There are many other photos of the dogs, which are as equally disturbing as those published.

Mr. Schneider, many of us agree with you that Krabloonik has made “hundreds of thousands of dollars” but we have to ask — why hasn’t the money been spent on humane care for the dogs?

Just the simple basics like adequate food and shelter, proper medical care and exercise areas.

Anne Gurchick