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Letter: Let’s roll up our sleeves, Snowmass

Let’s roll up our sleeves, Snowmass

Aspen Skiing Co. announced a deal between it and Snowmass Acquisition Co. (Related) to go forward with building a Limelight Hotel Snowmass, at Snowmass Town Council’s meeting Aug. 18. According to my understanding after attending this meeting, the Limelight Snowmass cannot go forward unless:

• Skico can build Fanny Hill Townhomes to offset some of the construction costs of the Limelight, and

• Snowmass Village Town Council approves the extension of the vesting rights for Base Village for Related for the remaining infrastructure.

The meeting focused on the previous five years of turmoil that the Snowmass Village has endured and Related’s newest presentation of a plan. Related proposed 21 milestones that would have negative impacts against the developer if not met was a great start, but there were no milestones that had finish dates. Town Council and some members of the public were not impressed with the plan and wanted more specific details.

In my 40-plus year tenure as a Snowmass resident, I can honestly say change has never been easy to come in Snowmass Village. But change is necessary to keep my hometown a vital, thriving community and to make sure it stays a world-class resort destination.

Members of council, mayors (past, present, and future), my friends and neighbors have asked my opinion of who’s right, or which way is best. I can answer in only one way. If having a new roundabout is necessary to get going in the right direction, then let’s get it done. If we are spending hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars every year for visitors to come but have nothing new to offer them, then let’s start and finish true one-of-a-kind experiences to have visitors come to Snowmass, and come back again for generations. Halfway completed buildings and unfinished plans are not the way to move forward. We need to stop pointing the finger, work together, and make Snowmass, my home, even better tomorrow than it was yesterday.

My name is Greg Rulon, and I am pro-Snowmass.

Greg Rulon

Snowmass Village