Letter: Let’s finish what we started

Let’s finish what we started

Snowmass Village has once again found itself unable or unwilling to find a direction concerning the eternally under construction Base Village. This should be a major concern to every resident who lives in and loves this town. The bottom line is this project needs to go forward and now is the time.

In a ultra-competitive industry, Base Village needs to be completed to give our paying guests the experience they seek, and are finding elsewhere. The current half finished project is confusing at best and dysfunctional at worst. Fake walls and building fronts do little to enhance the experience of our guest and let’s remember we only have the privilege of living here because of those guests.

The longer this project sits unfinished the more the reputation of Snowmass as a destination falls behind the rest of the industry, when we should be leading the industry. This is also imperative to Snowmass Village finding its own identity and getting off the coattails of Aspen. The people are and have always been the heart of our town, and the completion of this project will put the “Village” back in Snowmass Village for our guests to enjoy as well.

The additional hotel, fractional-ownership condos and other public amenities will give this town a core that complements the existing mall and center. This will be more attractive to families as well as larger groups. The more attractive we are as a whole, the better off we are as a whole. Finish this project and everyone wins. Let this sit idle and everyone loses.

Some folks never wanted this Base Village here in the first place but it’s here now. We can’t un-build what is here but we need to finish what was started. Snowmass is my home. I have lived here for almost 20 years and have never taken a moment of that for granted. For the good of myself, my family, my friends and everyone who loves this special place, we owe it to this town to get this job done.

David Dugan

Snowmass Village