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Letter: Let’s chat about celebrities

When movie star Robert Wagner leaves Aspen and ends up in Los Angeles, his celebrity shines bright.

During the past several months I have picked up Los Angeles periodicals, and there’s Robert Wagner’s photograph and/or name staring at me. He’s at awards galas, giving lectures and doing other things that the press loves to note.

Even the famous society-celebrity columnist George Christy likes Robert Wagner. He’s written about Robert Wagner two or more in his weekly column in the Beverly Hills Courier newspaper since my Los Angeles return. Recently Wagner appeared in his Dec. 6 column.

How do I know what a renowned columnist thinks about Robert Wagner? Well, I am lucky to often talk with him. I’m learning from him. Frequently he arrives at his office by limos with drivers as his personal valets. That’s living large!

When I mentioned George Christy to multi-talented Aspen entrepreneur Michael Buysse, I was astounded to discover Buysse knew about him and was a big Christy fan. Whoa!

I let George Christy know about his Aspen fan. He was very pleased and honored by Michael Buysse’s spirited recognition.

Now there’s more to my story. In 2007 I met television star Kevin Sorbo in Westwood near the UCLA campus outside Bank of America. 

Several years later, I told Michael Buysse about my Kevin Sorbo encounter. Well, what do you know, Buysse and Sorbo have been chums since high school in Minnesota. Can you believe it?

Here is the punch line. A couple of days ago I dropped my stories on George Christy about both Kevin Sorbo and the Sorbo-Buysse nexus. When I mentioned Kevin Sorbo, I caught the twinkle in George Christy’s eye as he smiled.

Kevin Sorbo was in Aspen this past summer for a golf tournament. If it weren’t for his good friend Michael Buysse, I’d never known from researching the local Aspen press. Talking about George Christy with Buysse let me know Kevin Sorbo was an Aspen show. I guess that’s what good friends are for when the press doesn’t take notice.

Jill St. John should join us folks in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Robert Wagner did. He gets lots of press and receives much appreciation.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, Calif. 

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