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Letter: Let others have a say on Aspen development

I have read several letters complaining about the Aspen Art Museum. It is my opinion that the complaints are about more than just the building. It is a given that the building is both bulky and massive for the space and lacks modulation and landscaping. However, I believe that the real objection is that locals see all the small, moderate-priced businesses they frequented being forced out and in their place are high-priced boutiques and the like.

Most communities are trying to preserve the integrity of their neighborhoods by limiting bulky and massive buildings and forcing property owners to scale down projects with modulation in the design. In Beverly Hills, where I reside when not in Aspen, we have commissions made up of appointed volunteers (both architects and lay persons) who serve on the Design Review Commission for residential construction, both new and remodels, and the Architectural Commission for commercial and multifamily construction. Since 2006, these commissions have made a great impact in keeping our city from becoming filled with massive structures.

Perhaps the Aspen City Council may want to explore this avenue.

Ilene Nathan

Beverly Hills, California, and Aspen