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Letter: Legal troubles were over

It was with a heavy heart that I read your article on William Graham’s legal struggles on Tuesday. Without a doubt, the article was unnecessary and insensitive. It is apparent that the writer did not bother to speak with anyone who knew Will or knew about his legal entanglement. Instead, Rick Carroll must have consulted a police report. I, Lauren Maytin, was honored to be Will’s attorney. On the date the article was written, Will was supposed to walk into County Court with me to receive dismissals in all of his pending legal matters. Will, you will be happy to hear that we obtained those dismissals. It was a sad moment for me, Judge Erin Fernandez-Ely and all who knew you. I know how excited you were to put the legal matters behind you.

If the public was supposed to care that Will had legal troubles, well — then the public should know that Will’s legal troubles were over. He had paid his price and was moving forward.

I hesitated in writing this letter because I did not feel the insensitivity of The Aspen Times deserved attention but this just got to me. William Graham was a kind and loving person. He was a well-liked local Aspen kid. He was definitely one of us. He was full of life, full of laughter and full of goodness. This is an absolute tragedy. Pay some respect, Aspen Times!

Lauren Maytin