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Letter: Layla’s liberators

On the night of June 20, my curious Australian shepherd, Layla, followed a critter into a crevice in a hillside of rocks in my backyard and got her head completely wedged between the rocks. After four of us spent 25 minutes trying to help her, we finally called 911, as she was very stuck and struggling to breathe, as her neck was swelling the more she struggled.

I was shocked and extremely grateful when Basalt police officers Brian Lemke and Curt Donaldson arrived within minutes and after assessing the situation called the Basalt Fire Department. After the Fire Department arrived and discovered that there was nothing it could do to move the rocks (upsetting the foundation and crushing us all) and trying several different tactics to remove poor Layla (pouring water and oil, and trying to position her every which way), it made the call to the emergency vet, who arrived to sedate her. Once she was sedated, four officers were able somehow to jimmy her head out from the rocks without hurting her, thank God! Cheers erupted from everyone when Layla was lifted from the rocks, and I was amazed to discover there were at least 15 different officers there helping to rescue this little dog.

I want to take a moment to give huge thanks to the Basalt Police Department, especially Lemke and Donaldson, the Basalt Fire Department and emergency vet Scott Dolginow, for coming out and taking the situation as seriously as they did. Layla was fine (sore neck for a few days), but I am so humbled and grateful to them, as they truly do an amazing job and take every rescue seriously, even when it is a small, furry friend. Thank you for all you do!

Logan Carter


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