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Letter: Lawns, gardens aren’t part of the trail

Dear Aspen Trailheads,

It’s Thursday night and it wasn’t the first time your group jogged through our tiny neighborhood backyards on your social outing. Last year, some girls kept stomping my flowers as they ran through. No poppies for me this summer as they were literally trampled to death.

Tonight, we were having dinner when the dog started barking wildly. Six or eight of you went right past the construction fence and property markers and plodded ungracefully through my yard and flower beds. I spent last weekend raking and reseeding the grass and your group ran right through the area I’m trying to grow before first snow. You couldn’t get around the pines, because it’s a private yard, not a trail. So you went under the branches and cut through my daisies, alyssum and roses.

Please stop trespassing as if it’s your right. It’s my private property, not your trail. There are so many places you can run to your heart’s content, including an actual trail nearby. I enjoy gardening, and there

are many hours put into it. Two minutes and a lot of running shoes ruined tons of work.

To the shirtless guy with the big tattoo and his T-shirted friend in front of him who said, “Never look them in the eye” as he crushed the daisies — what a coward. Always look someone in the eye and own up to your mistakes. When you grow up, purchase a home, spend the time and money on a yard and garden, maybe you’ll appreciate what immature jerks you were tonight.

To the rest of you, especially the repeater leader girl who knew exactly where to go as she “missed the trail,” Eagle Crest will have grass seed, poppies, alyssum and daisies available next spring should you decide to

do the right thing.

I can even come to your home and show you how to garden. It’s really something when beautiful things are allowed to grow.

Robin Fahy


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