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Letter: Late buses mean freezing passengers

Late buses mean freezing passengers

Come on Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, for the past three weekday mornings your local upvalley buses have been inexcusably late. I twice caught the 7:22 a.m. bus at 8! This is unacceptable when the temperatures have been double digits below zero.

We stand at the Aspen Village bus stop and watch rapid-transit bus after rapid-transit pass by, while we’re given lame excuses about traffic and breakdowns. Amazing that the numerous rapid-transit buses get through with no trouble. How about on days like these, you assign each rapid-transit bus one additional stop to pick up the people-sicles who have been waiting for the impossibly late local bus?

If they made one additional stop it would not make them more than a couple of minutes late, and it would mean that more people could get to work on time.

Many of the stops between Aspen Village and town have no one waiting at them anyway. It would improve your customer service tremendously and relieve your drivers the stress of being the ones having to apologize at every stop.

Gail Mason

Aspen Village