Letter: Lack of disabled spaces plague Snowmass

Lack of disabled spaces plague Snowmass

Dear Editor:

It is very disturbing that while so much is being done at the Snowmass Town Center to improve the appearance of the town center, new siding, new parking lines being painting and other things, nothing has been done to improve the handicap parking spaces.

I believe Related Westpac is in violation of the American Disabilities Act in several areas. I suggest Related look at how the handicap parking spaces are done in front of Alpine Bank and B.J. Adams Real Estate as a guide. The blue square is painted in compliance with federal law.

This is not the case with the two handicap parking spaces in front of the main building at the town center. In fact, there is not one at all in front of the entrance by the Mountain Bayou restaurant. The other blue square can hardly been seen; that one is located near the main entrance by the Village Market.

If there are 100 or more parking spaces, federal law requires there be a minimum of four handicap parking spaces. If one counts all of the parking spaces on the property that Related owns, there are more than 100 parking spaces.

Once again, another major corporation is ignoring the needs of the handicap, putting their needs on the back burner. Watching a disabled war vet trying to unload his wheelchair the other day brought attention to what Related has not done to honor our disabled vets and or those with disabilities.

It is time for Related to step forward and put the needs of the disabled on the front burner.

Harry Temple III

Snowmass Village