Letter: Krabloonik travesty can’t be sugar-coated | AspenTimes.com

Letter: Krabloonik travesty can’t be sugar-coated

Krabloonik travesty can’t be sugar-coated

Dear Joe Farrell, eight dogs were not ordered by the D.A. to be taken away to be “observed” (“Krabloonik gets a bad rap,” letters, Jan. 1, The Aspen Times).

At least one was taken away to have emergency surgery, and all were taken away because an impartial group of individuals, including veterinarians and enforcement agents, insisted they were not being cared for, even by the barest of minimum standards.

I am guessing you haven’t seen the starving, pregnant female conveniently dropped off at the shelter for everyone else to spay and take care of — and she wasn’t even one of the eight seized. Yes, I said “seized.” These dogs were malnourished and being forced to pull sleds for tourists even while emaciated. This guy pays the whopping sum of 10 whole dollars per year to rent his acreage from the town of Snowmass Village. $10! Even Lynne Mace, the daughter of Stewart Mace who gifted Dan MacEachen the business, came forward to publicly announce that she is deeply ashamed for what Krabloonik has become. Maybe the original sled dog proprietors just don’t know what they are talking about, right? Get a grip.

You believe using the words “starvation and cruelty” instead of “underweight and sick or injured” is preposterous? What is so ethical about having any sick or injured dogs on the premises? Why is that better in your disturbed eyes? And when you respond, please make sure you let us all know what vet clinic you know that “humanely dispatches” animals with a single shot to the skull (no second bullet allowed), and lets them suffer and bleed out until they die in a pit of their own sh-t. With so many former associates coming forward to tell the behind-the-scenes story, including the former general manager, it’s not as though this is all being dreamed up. People with zero conscience, such as yourself, are the very reason Krabloonik is in hot water and Dan MacEachen has got no one to blame but his damn self.

Kelley Flock

Aspen and Denver

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