Letter: Krabloonik situation is “just wrong”

Krabloonik situation is “just wrong”

A change is required at Krabloonik. A big change. As a valley resident for 20 years (minus the 6 I spent in Las Vegas), I have been reading about the problems and issues that obviously continue at the Krabloonik dog-sledding operation. It really sickens me that the abuse and neglect continues.

As a survivor of domestic violence, I have learned that abusive behavior is a pattern. There is absolutely no reason to hit a person or an animal in anger — except self defense. I read the book, “Why Does He Do That — Inside the Minds of Angry & Controlling Men.” This info is applicable to the abuse suffered by the Krabloonik dogs. There are many forms of abuse, some is subtle and some is obvious. The dogs are being abused in both ways.

Do we need national media attention in order for it to stop? I know former mushers, I have seen the short-haired sled dogs, and I have seen the dogs chained to shabby little wooden boxes. I have spent time with the skinny mommy dog, who was a lead mushing dog, until she was dropped off at the Aspen Animal Shelter to have six pups. Mommy dog’s bones protrude and her hair is about an inch long. I could feel she was relieved to be inside and warm instead of left out in the freezing cold — chained to a box.

I have a Shetland sheepdog (long-haired), who shivers badly after being inside the car for an hour at 20 degrees. I can’t imagine what the Krabloonik dogs go through. It’s just wrong.

What is the solution? Shut it down? Reduce the number of dogs? Increase their care and feeding? Monitor the operation with cameras and/or unscheduled site visits? Whatever it takes, I am here, ready and willing to help in any way I can. These dogs deserve better. All dogs deserve better, especially the dogs at Krabloonik.

Wendy Hemingway