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Letter: Krabloonik needs new ownership

When we first came to Aspen in the early ’80s, I thought it was so neat that there was a dog-sledding operation.

Working dogs are amazing, and they do love to work, whether they are cattle dogs, sheepherding dogs, companion dogs, disaster dogs or sled dogs.

Most of these dogs are not pets; they are partners to the people with whom they work. They deserve the utmost respect, and when they are too old to work anymore, they should be revered and be able to live out the rest of their lives with compassion and gratitude for a job well done and not be shot and disposed of in a s— pit.

I don’t want Krabloonik shut down. I want it run by people with compassion who care about the creatures that serve them.

All I have to say to the good ol’ boys who run the Snowmass Town Council is you’re supposed to represent the people who elected you and listen to what they have to say, not just protect your “good buddies.”

Jan Panico