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Letter: Krabloonik goes to the dogs


I cannot believe that the town of Snowmass has not put the kibosh on Krabloonik. This pattern of abuse has been going on for years, and Dan MacEachan is still abusing the dogs.

Why doesn’t Animal Control or law enforcement get involved? I don’t care how strenuously he denies the abuse allegations; if numerous people are coming forward telling stories that they have personally witnessed, he is abusing those dogs — hitting them with a metal pipe, electrical cord, keeping them on chains 23 hours a day, killing them when they are of no use to him anymore. This is crazy, and this guy needs to be either fined or put out of business. Hurt him where it obviously hurts the most: in the wallet.

He blatantly has ignored mandates given to stop abusing his dogs, and nothing has been done. It is even more obvious that he doesn’t give a crap about these animals and cannot be bothered to change his abusive ways. Why he can’t bring the older dogs to the Aspen Animal Shelter is beyond me. He would rather sadistically kill them under the cover of darkness after the employees leave and bury them on the property.

I can only hope that the sale of Krabloonik goes through and that the new owner is compassionate and will put the welfare of these wonderful dogs above his profit margin. Dan MacEachan, you should be ashamed of yourself, and if karma exists, maybe you could come back as one of the dogs you abuse on a regular basis. People: Boycott Krabloonik, or inundate the local papers with letters exclaiming your outrage. Let your voices be heard loudly!

Stacey Linman

Glenwood Springs

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