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Letter: Kids against vandalism and littering

Kids against vandalism and littering

We are doing a community group project in our seventh-grade class at Basalt Middle School, and we decided to do something about vandalism and littering. To solve the problem of littering, we did a trash cleanup around our school, and we hope that this letter can raise awareness about vandalism and littering. We just want you to read this and think about our project.

First, people need to think twice about something they could do that would hurt the environment or our town. Things like littering can hurt the environment, people and animals. When we were doing our cleanup, we encountered a lot of glass and plastic. We also found quite a lot of cigarette butts. According to StatisticBrain.com, 50 percent of litter is cigarette butts. The main reason we wanted to do this project was because we felt that we could help make it a safer place and better for the environment. Again from StatisticBrain.com, 33 percent of litter is fast-food waste, 29 percent is paper, 28 percent is aluminum, 6 percent is glass, plastic is 2 percent and other is 21 percent. Lots of these things are not good for the environment and can be dangerous to animals and plants.

We also would like to point out that you shouldn’t litter or vandalize because it is just a bad thing to do. You should definitely think about it when you do something like that because it is expensive to clean up and it is illegal and you can possibly get a serious fine. What we are saying is that it is just smarter to not vandalize or litter.

If you are going to litter or vandalize something, you should think about the real reason you are doing it. Most people litter because they are lazy and they don’t care. Our teacher told us about some vandalism that happened in Emma. She told us that it was especially bad because it wasn’t just a building — it was historic and something cool about the valley. We think it is a good idea to just stop littering and doing vandalism altogether.

To conclude, we are just a couple of kids who want to make the world better. We did a survey in our grade and asked them if they care about our project, if they have ever littered and if they would pick up trash on the road if they saw some. Fifty-seven out of 76 kids said they cared about our project, 53 kids said that they have littered before and 39 people said they would pick up trash if they saw some. We would like to get the numbers for our third question and the numbers for the first two questions down. We hope that we can make a difference — even if it is small, we will feel like we did something important and inspiring.

Emma, Jady, Will, Jeremy and Christian

Seventh grade, Basalt Middle School

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