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Letter: Kidnapping with a capital K

How disappointing that a fair and astute observer like Meredith Carroll spent the better part of a full page in your May 21 edition attempting to justify the kidnapping of the two local Burns/Alianelli children (“More than meets the eye in custody case,” Commentary).

That’s right. Kidnapping with a capital K. Forget the balderdash and hysteria of he or she is a bad person, parenting, friends, abuse, insensitive, along with all the rest of the excuses that get put out there by the criminal (felonious) parent. This is the fodder that has turned “custodial” kidnapping into a billion-dollar industry for lawyers, psychologists and social workers. We are on the verge of outgrowing this nonsense as a culture because we, as a society, value our children more than we will indulge their parents’ temporal desires.

This barbarism has been visited upon our children for decades within our own borders. It is only now that we are starting to dismantle this system, beginning with international abduction (kidnapping) of our children.

The best interests of the child are always easy and unfettered access and participation in the daily life of the child with both parents.

One day the norm will be that nobody goes anywhere without the consent of all loving parents involved.

That is, indeed, how simple it is.

Patrick C. Collins

Glenwood Springs