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Letter: Keep Schultz at AVH


Keep Schultz at AVH

Dear Editor:

I am a patient of Dr. John Schultz and am writing regarding the decision of Aspen Valley Hospital to terminate him. It seems unbelievable to me that the hospital oard would decide to take that action on Dr. Schultz, which was done at the request of Dr. Rodman.

If Dr. Rodman and Dr. Schultz do not get along, then they should be in different practices, but Dr. Schultz certainly should not lose his ability to practice at Aspen Valley Hospital. He has been a trusted and respected physician of our community for more than nine years and it is not fair to his patients to lose him for no reason other than the fact that Dr. Rodman doesn’t want him here. I’m sure I speak for many of Dr. Schultz’s patients on this.

I have lived in the Aspen Valley since the mid -’70s and have respect for Dr. Rodman, who operated on my young child many years ago. He was kind and professional and I was happy with the outcome.

I now use Dr. Schultz and have been very happy with his services. He is professional and a dedicated physician, and I am extremely upset that he will no longer be available to me if the AVH board does not reconsider their decision. I am urging the board to do what is right for the community and reinstate Dr. Schultz’s credentials at Aspen Valley Hospital. It’s just the right thing to do.

Thank you for your consideration.

Nancy Howe


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