Letter: Keep our water natural

Keep our water natural

The town of Basalt recently released a report about the drinking water it provides. I am wondering what Basalt knows about its water that Aspen does not know.

Maybe Basalt knows that the world’s oldest and best-known peer review journal, The Lancet, officially classifies fluoride as a neurotoxin.

Perhaps Basalt knows that Dr. Dean Burk, who worked for 34 years at the National Cancer Institute said, “Point of fact is that fluoride causes more cancer death and causes it faster than any other chemical.”

While some may argue about the incidence of cavities, it seems to me that the rates of cancers are skyrocketing. Would you rather have a cavity or cancer?

Possibly Basalt thinks that delivering medicine via the water supply is reckless and that swallowing fluoride delivers risks without benefits. There also are more than 100 animal and 45+ human studies that link fluoride to brain deficits.

Many people do not realize that non-fluoridated and fluoridated countries have similar cavity rates.

Did you know that the FDA says fluoride is an unapproved drug?

It could be possible that Basalt realizes that there is no way to monitor the dosages and effects of fluoride for individuals. A small infant could receive the same concentration as a large man.

Another thought is that Basalt realizes that putting fluoride in the water system is mass medication without consent.

A few years ago, an Aspen dentist explained how the fluoride nicely breaks down to benefit the teeth. Unfortunately, that was the fluoride that naturally exists in the water (as noted in the Basalt report).

The fact of the matter is that the fluoride that is put in the water is fluorosilicic acid, a waste product of fertilizer production which is obtained from China. There are no safety studies performed on this substance.

The whole issue comes down to the freedom of choice. Should the town mandate that its drinking water contain a known poison instead of having the people who want to put this in their bodies choose another option?

The Ideas Festival has brought some great ideas to Aspen.

I think that a great idea would be to take the fluoride out of Aspen’s drinking water. This would be great so that the citizens and our guests would be able to enjoy the great water that we do have. Right now, the public drinking fountains around town provide water with this neurotoxin in it.

Just an idea,

Tom Lankering